Win three Wedding Planning packages

To celebrate our new adventure, we have decided to start September with a contest.

Event Architects Agency will reward three couples with:

  • “Enjoy the moment!” package
  • “The Day” package
  • “Virtual Wedding Planner” package


Are you getting married in January – December 2017?


I am convinced that you have a million things to do before the wedding and also pay for them, but you can take lots of things from your head, if you enroll in our competition.

The prizes worth € 1,000 and include:

Enjoy the moment!

We give you the opportunity to gain the full package of wedding planning. We will assist you from the moment we establish the budget till recommendations and visits in the locations. From negotiating and recommending the perfect suppliers till the wedding day. Our package gives you a professional wedding planner who will be with you every step:

  • Budget Management
  • Choice of location
  • Selecting suppliers, negotiation and signing the contracts
  • Scheduling and Logistics
  • Booking hotel rooms
  • Accompany the couple for choosing the wedding dress and groom suit
  • Tips in choosing the appropriate menu for the event (planning and accompanying at  the tasting the menu)
  • Establishing the theme of the wedding, the décor and coordinating to achieve it
  • Related testimonials, achieving orders
  • Appointments to hair stylist, make-up, etc.
  • Organizing the bachelorette / bachelor party
  • Supervising the wedding day
  • Booking the honeymoon (suggestions, identifying package travel, making reservations)
  • Wedding Day (The Day package)


The Day

  • Up to 12 hours of supervising by a professional wedding planner
  • Implement the wedding day programme, which includes:
  • Providers and transportation (if necessary)
  • Planning the photo session (location, decor)
  • Supervision for decorating the photo corner
  • Supervising the wedding programme
  • Bride and groom dance, special moments
  • Wedding Day Emergency Kit
  • Assisting the photographer’s for family and couple pictures
  • Positioning the place – cards and testimonies
  • Make the connection between grooms and head room / kitchen on the number of servings for each dish
  • Making final payments to suppliers.


Virtual Wedding Planner

Access for 3 months to a Virtual Wedding Planner, offering online support when you need it.

From tips on suppliers and advices about the bachelorette party, questions of catering and budget, the virtual Wedding Planner will be there to help.

The award includes a Q & A virtual support via e-mail, there are not included face to face meetings or research in your name.

Your virtual planner can be contacted by e-mail and will respond with advice or recommendations within 48 hours.

Support for wedding planning and other services can be arranged for an additional fee, they may include extras such as the time to research your behalf, contacting suppliers and concluding contracts.

This award can be accessed from anywhere in the world and can be extended if you want, the costs can be discussed with the Virtual Wedding Planner.

All you have to do is:

  • like our facebook page
  • share the contest
  • send a picture of the desired wedding arrangement on

After the deadline (5th October 2016) all pictures will be posted in an album on Facebook, and on 10th October 2016 will be making the extraction.

As a thank you for attending, each like to Event Architects Facebook page will receive 10% discount on the wedding planning services and if you get 100 likes for the picture you sent you’ll get 20% discount on floral arrangements. So, there will be only winners.

Referrals are welcome from anywhere in the world, but if you are not from Iasi, basic expenses for travel and accommodation will be provided by you.

Do not worry, we are not afraid to fly in economy class 🙂

Why should I work with a wedding planner?

I was reading opinions and recommendations on the forums about the fact of working with a wedding planner and have seen comments like “you can work with a wedding planner if you have no imagination and spirit of organization” or “if it doesn’t affect you that somebody tells you what to have at your wedding and it doesn’t bother you to pay for it” and I realized that, in our society, the concept of wedding planner, is still not very well understood.

First of all, we are in ” Speed Century ” and most of the us have a fixed schedule, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17: 00/18: 00 / 19:00 depending on the job. Time is limited, and at the end of the day all we want is to relax, not be stressed further. Why not end the day enjoying a beautiful sunset with our love and a glass of wine?

Secondly, each person wants their wedding day to be amazing, to unfold perfectly and remain with a unique memory, because it is one of the most important days of our lives. I do not think there is any woman who, at least once in her life, haven’t thought about this day and to be honest, the American movies, have a great way to make us want that perfect moment.

Let’s not forget, lastly, the fact that we live in Romania, where we never have money and it’s not really easy to do a wedding without the support of our parents. The budget is one of the most important aspects for us, because rarely we manage to achieve perfection at low costs, but it is not impossible.


Now let’s go back to the basic idea: why should I work with a wedding planner?

The most important thing is that a wedding planner doesn’t make the choices in your place, only according to what you desire and what budget you have, he will present the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a supplier and will recommend the best option, both in terms of quality and cost. This way, you manage to save money, time, get quality and have no stress. You will have access to a person who will help you fulfill your dream and will be there for you every time a new question or a new challenge appears.

Indeed, the principle that we grew with… is: “Romanians are good at everything”. I don’t say it’s a bad principle, but each aspect comes with his own shortcomings. We can do anything, but how much are we actually willing to do? I have known many couples who have organized their own wedding, which, after the event, told me that is was too much stress for one night and if they would have to repeat this experience, they better quit. I have a simple question to which you should respond openly to yourself: why call in, on your wedding day, a make-up artist or a hair stylist? It’s not the first time you do your make-up or hair to go out, but you don’t want to worry … you want everything to be perfect.

For this reason there are wedding planners. It is not a caprice, it is a necessity.In events always occur contingencies. Let me give you three examples:

  • at a wedding some friends came unannounced. Your first concern is to make them a great reception. Wedding planner takes action and communicates to the head of the dining hall the need to supplement the menu, so in a few minutes everything is perfect
  • in the last minute you are being asked by some friends / relatives from another city to help them make an appointment to a hair stylist. Weddings take place mostly on Saturdays and most of the salons are fully booked. Imagine yourself a bride, you have to do the last personal details to work out, you abandon them and begin to give dozens of phones to the hair stylists
  • the groom bought alcoholic drinks for the wedding and brought them to the restaurant. The wine was tasted in advance, but not each bottle, because they bought almost 100 liters. In the evening of the wedding he realized that some of the wine was mold and could not afford to serve it to the guests.

I repeat, it is the most important night for you, why let such situations ruin your moment?

If you decide that such a person can help you in organizing your wedding, I recommend you to choose carefully, to see how communication unfolds between you two, if he empathizes with you, if he listens to you, if he pays attention to details, if he knows how to prioritize things, if he has experience and knows enough suppliers that are involved 120%. Do not choose a wedding planner that will impose a provider or choose it for you, who gives his opinion or influences your decisions.

And to descrete a little your foreheads, I recommend you to watch at a movie from 1991 – Father of the Bride, a comedy with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton.

The best conference rooms are booked in advance

If you want to organize an event, it is impossible not to find the perfect location that meet your needs.

Lately, the offer for conference rooms is diversified and if you organize the event in advance, you may find the perfect location. There are many possibilities, but be aware that the conference rooms are booked by the principle “first come, first served”.


What should I consider when I want to organize an event?

  1. The first thing you must take into consideration is the number of participants that you expect. It is known that an empty room does not have a positive impact on participants nor for any speaker’s psyche. You will have the same negative impact if the room is overly crowded.
  2. Another important aspect is the nature of the event. It is a closed doors event or do you expect a number of visitors? If you expect visitors you must take into consideration their flow in certain hours. As a result, you must be interested in a conference room that features a lobby and ideally has two access roads.
  3. The type of event that you want to organize, it can be dictated by special requirements in the election of the conference room. In recent years, most conferences (especially medical) have a number of sponsors and partners who need to be provided with an exhibition space. Depending on the number of sponsors or partners involved, you will have to find a room that facilitates this exhibition space. Ideal is a generous lobby with high ceilings and an optimal lighting.
  4. Regarding the services you will be needing, your options may be wide or narrow. You need to think of participants who come from other places and may need accommodation and of the meals that you want to offer to them (lunch, coffee breaks, dinner). If the event is a simple conference, you can opt for any conference room. If you will be needing also accommodation and restaurant services, to enhance participants’ comfort, ideal will be a conference room in a hotel.
  5. Accessibility of the location is another aspect that should preoccupy you. If you want a large number of participants to arrive on time, you should opt for a conference room near the closest mean of transportation and importantly, you must have a parking nearby.
  6. The image that we want to create to the participants is also contributing in the election of the conference room. If you want a high quality event, it would be recommended to opt for a conference rooms placed in locations with tradition, with an unique architecture and adequate facilities. If the image does not matter, you can opt for a certain room, to fit in the budget that you have.


Taking into account all the above, the choice of the conference room becomes a simple task.

Floral design trends in 2016

Who would have thought in terms of floral arrangements, that there are a number of specialists who are concerned about what is fashionable in a season.

For 2016, vendors of flowers, chose four styles of floral arrangements, full of color, shapes, textures and imagination: Sorbet, Lustre, Lavish and Festival.

Sorbet – is a style of tanned, fresh and modern arrangement. A combination of pastels and light shades made of fresh flowers and geometric accents. In sorbet arrangements, you can find overtones of yellow, blue, lime, lavender, coral.

Below you can find the color palette for Sorbet arrangements:


Lustre – is a special combination dedicated for modern brides, which emphasizes the metallic luster with bright accessories. Weddings with “lustre” arrangements are opulent and blend perfectly the metal colors: gold, silver, copper, platinum, bronze with white,  ivory or champagne flowers and dark accessories.

Below you can find the color palette for Lustre arrangements:


Lavish – it was inspired from the beauty of the gardens. The arrangements full of color and texture, fit perfectly not only in traditional weddings from picturesque locations but also in modern weddings. It is a romatic and sensual arrangement. Flowers in overtone of red and garnet, combine themselves in terms of shade and texture to convey the style inspired from the flower garden.

Below you can find the color palette for Lavish arrangements:


Festival – warm and intense colors for a bohemian bride. Colors, textures and accessories inspired by the universal culture, give the impression of a playful arrangement. We would say that it is a floral arrangement inspired by globalization. The colors that define it are denim blue, red, orange, yellow. The secret is to combine them unusual so that each color stands out.

Below you can find the color palette for Festival arrangements:


Photo source

Tulip, the symbol of spring and love

Wedding season is starting the spring with an explosion of colors and a variety of seasonal flowers.

Originally from Turkey, lovingly cultivated in Holland and spread all over the world, tulip, is a symbol of spring and love. It is the perfect symbol of love and depending on its shade, comes loaded with many other symbols:

  • red tulips symbolize true love
  • purple tulips are a symbol of royalty
  • yellow tulips symbolize joy, optimism and the belief that everything will be fine
  • white tulips can be used to convey a message of appreciation, but also a way through which is required forgiveness
  • motley tulips (in multiple colors) – come with a discreet message, a compliment for “beautiful eyes”

If you like tulips, you can use them without emotion in bouquets and arrangements for weddings throughout the year.

Here are some ideas for bouquets and arrangements that we have found for you:

sursa foto